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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  August 10, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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scene and joins us with the latest. >> it looks like at this point police are still trying to piece together what happened in the house behind me there just about four houses down at 121 plaza street here in leesburg. police tell me that some family members had been trying to reach a gentleman, a 20-year-old man, who lived in that house. they'd called several times. he did not respond. so police were sent to the house. police officers looked inside and saw two pit bulls roaming around free inside. they broke into the house, found the man, deceased, a 20-year-old man deceased. it appears at this point that he was mauled by one or both of those dogs. there was also the body of another smaller dog, they're not exactly sure the breed of that dog, that was next to the body of the man. again, they don't know exactly what happened. at this point they think there was a fight between the two pit bulls and the smaller dog.
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the gentleman tried to intervene and then this terrible incident occurred. again, this 20-year-old man who lived in the house, the dogs all lived in the house also. obviously at this point they don't know exactly what happened, but it appears, they say, that they mauled him. so at this point the dogs have been taken out to animal control and the investigation continues here in leesburg. live in leesburg, horace holmes, abc 7 news. >> turning to the weather, it's one of the hottest days of the year. people around the area are trying to beat the heat. doug hill is tracking the heat, how much longer we can expect theshigh temperatures. >> one more day at least. we have recordrd reptedd dulles. th seydus. they set a n of 97f o97 to hweave
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havwee this areater heat sorvitil 8:00 tonht. mperatures a a plent wyarm. 90's acrs it93 t it f feels feels like 101 in learnedtown. when is relief coming? a few weakening showers possibly later tonight but the cold front tomorrow afternoon gives us a better chance of showers that finally break this push of heat we've had here i.n early august. >> now to jay korff live in silver spring with how people are coping with this heat. >> i've noticed two successful approaches today. the avoiders and the accepters. the avoiders stay inside. then there is the accepters, like these very happy children looking for any opportunity to
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cool down. >> i think it's lousy. it's not my favorite summer weather. >> at this montgomery coun bus stop on colesville road, the mercury has unleashed one miserable monday. >> i ran for it but it kept going. so now i'm standing here. >> while she boils in near record-breaking m temperatures, her friend uses the shelter as a shield. >> i drink water waiting for the bus, which should have been here by 4:15. of course, the hottest day, it's late. >> throughout the region, residents are employing any tactic they can to fend off the heat index hovering near 105. some cover up. others cool down or take a dip into something more refreshing. avoidance is also an option. no one walked on the sunny side of this street while the shaded side teamed with traffic.
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then there is this woman. >> i feel sweat coming down my back. i'm from alaska. >> a place unfamiliar with triple-digit heat. >> it's hot. >> you can expect this very popular cool spot here in silver spring to be busy probably at least for the next couple of hours. live in the montgomery county mobile newsroom, jay korff, abc 7 news. >> for more on the heat including a list of cooling centers and even pools in the area, go to just enter in key word cooling. >> president obama is catching the heat in mexico. he spent the afternoon there for a quick north american summit meeting with the mexican president and canada's prime minister. they talked about swine flu, drug trafficking and immigration. president obama said illegal immigration is an important
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topic but health care is his top priority. he said canada's government-run health care system wouldn't work for the u.s. and some americans don't think the plans being discussed in washington are going to work either and they're getting heated up across the country. scott thuman has more. >> when members of congress left for their august break they didn't expect such tough reexceptions at town halls. we have one in our area in towson towson. ben cardin is holding a town hall. they expect about 500 people and they will have extra police on hand. it seems like it's news when there is an uneventful town hall. >> i don't get any member of congress not being excited and looking forward to coming out. >> if senator mccaskill needs an answer -- >> i want to talk to you face to face. >> how dare you? >> i want to know if it's coming out of my paycheck. >> look for further than youtube. volumes of video from town
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halls getting heated. >> [beep]! >> in st. louis rlings several were arrested after things turned vital. >> a guy attacked me. >> in tampa, this representative was drowned out -- >> [beep] >> when those inside and outside began to fight. >> open the door! >> in georgia, this congressman fired back. >> you want a meeting with me on health care? i'll give it to you.rstsbu son white house today unveiled a website called reality check to counter what it deems misinformation. >> i want to talk about one of the myths that's been swirling around the health care debate. >> back to senator mccaskill, while today's went smoothly, the one tomorrow in st. louis already called off due to security concerns. president obama will have his
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own health care town hall tomorrow in new hampshire. depending on the makeup of the audience, he could get something he's not used to -- a less-than-friendly group. >> at today's summit, the norths eraman leaderslsero talked about the fight against swine flu. vacce ginlsiaotaynd werls today in cincinnati, atlanta and at the university of maryland's medical school in baltimore. volunteers receive a series of shots, some with a stronger vaccine. they'll be monitored for side effects. results should be available in september and the vaccine could be available in mid october. coming up here on abc 7 news at 6:00, a metro employee killed on the job. now meter is -- metro is making changes. games that could bring thousands to the area.
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>> tonight divers have located the wreckage of plane involved this weekend over the hudson river. eight of the nine victims have now been recovered. 911 call centers were flooded with calls.
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>> the cause of the crash still unknown at this hour. the investigation is expected to take months. >> some metro track maintenance is on hold after an employee was killed while working on the orange line last night. the general manager says the system is in a safety stand thedown through thursday, which means track work is postponed and work sites will be inspected. 63-year-old michael nash was kile hst ndon when he was struck and dl fby piece o equipment. nash worked for metro for 21 years. >> they're like the olympics only different and the city of d.c. is vying to get them here by 2014.
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i'll have the story next. >> and will storms make it here to break up this heat? explain.
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>> thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of visitors could be coming to d.c. in 2014 for the gay games. >> they're games open to everyone in an effort to promote equality. natasha barrett is live with what d.c. residents think. >> a rally is under way behind me right now getting under way in just an hour all for the official bid from the city of d.c. to grab the 2014 gay games. there's diving, soccer a intense competition just like the olympics. >> if they include everyone, it's a great idea. >> only difference? the gay games welcomes anyone from any background and skill level. chicago had it.
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so did sydney, australia. now washington, d.c. is vying to host the gay games in 2014. >> we're in a recession right now. so it sound good. >> d.c., boston and cleveland are in the running. >> there is a solid base and a lot of support for something like this. >> the games would bring 12,000 athletes to d.c. and 80,000 visitors, equaling big money for the city. >> it seems like a good idea to me. i haven't heard about it. but it sounds like a good cause. >> the games started in 1982 in san francisco. now the games are hosted worldwide. the 2010 games are set for germany. >> let them play. let them do whatever they want to do. it's free out here. it's nice. beautiful. it's d.c. let them do what they want. >> officials have about two months to woo the judges and they find out who is going to host them on september 30. live from northwest d.c.,
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natasha barrett, abc 7 news. >> water taxi service to nationals park is expected by the end of the summer. the potomac riverboat company is planning to run boats between the alexandria national harbor and nationals park harbors during games and now a new dock that can handle a commercial boat is in place so the service is expected to start running by labor day weekend. the cost will be $20 to $25 for a round trip. >> that would be a fun thing to do. >> today would be a perfect day to be on the water. >> absolutely. >> a little breeze on the water would help you out. the water is about 80 degrees and the air temperature a lot warmer. that will work well for you if you're along thefr go down but it' goioing tngbebe . ssce . this is the heat advoris still areas shaded peach.
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when you get thisin k od a o whatheom trmwhheeter says but what the f seels-like temperatul works out. an spols dereck, feels like 95. manassas. bowie, alexandria and gaithersburg. we have the possibility of a little relief later tonight for some workings west and north of the metro area. not a lot of hope that these showers are going to hang together. but better hopes for the day tomorrow as a ld front becomes more active. severe thunderstorm watches across pennsylvania. we'll watch this area. if anything is to come into the viewing area, it will be from this system up here. better chances, again, for the day tomorrow. reagan national airport, 97.
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that was the official high. but the record was 98. so no record. i'm sorry. we deserve to have a record when it's this hot and humid and you have to deal with it all day. however, at washington dulles, there was a record set today when it hit 97.7. quick numbers around the maps for you. 90 in gaithersburg. 92 in fairfax. it is plenty hot and humid and only slowly seeing the temperatures go down tonight. i think we'll see highs in the lower 90's tomorrow. then this cold front comes through tomorrow afternoon with better chances of showers and thunderstorms. as it does, it will push the hot and steamy "soudland" and east and open the door for more pleasant weather. we'll get a little break and maybe an isolated shower but that's about it. through the next seven days, watch for the changes.
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highs in the mid 80's and then thursday looks like a dry day. isolated thunder friday. over the weekend, we'll settle to your bas august washington weather. partly sunny, hazy, warm and humid with a slight chance of a shorms. >> there you go. that's your weekend forecast. tim, you have your eye on the redskins out practicing in this heat? >> it was hot, no question about it. the skins tried to beat the heat by getting out early. but there is no escaping it. although i think the coaches like this stuff. those who survive, they play. while the line was the talk after the first scrimmage this weekend, the receiving core is think out as well. devon thomas strained his hamstring but he's been in the training room more than on the field. >> i'm not concerned. my main thing is get back healthy and perform. for me to be at that level to
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perform, hopefully we can win. >> it was media day in college park where the maryland terrapins have high hopes for a successful season. raffle has lost more than 100 pounds. while the terps were picked fifth in the atlantic division, they're hoping to prove the prognosticators wrong. >> they're anxious to prove people wrong about who the media perceives them to be. i'm going to use that as a motivating force. >> it almost -- how about the nationals? they've won eight games in a row with the best record in all of baseball over the last 10 games. after losing the first five games after the all-star break, they've gone 15-6 under jim riggleman. that's been fun to watch the last two weeks.
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>> each me is an individual game. i don't get too caught up in the home stand itself, you know, or winning streak or anything like that. you're just trying to win that particular game and stay focused on that game. >> i was locked watching the world golf championships in ohio. tiger woods started three shots back and when he hit this shot on 16 you just knew it was over. tiger and harrington battled all day. he almost drained this eight iron from 180 yards. like it has eyes. tiger says enough of this. it's over. it's mine. tiger woods won for the seventh time at bridge stone. he has the pga coming up this week. just incredible stuff by tiger woods. for race fans, tone stewart won the watkins glen international and this was a race marred by a spectacular crash. the wreck involved jeff gordon and sam hornis but nobody was
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hurt seriously. how about this goal from the soccer match yesterday. up and over. are you kidding me? great scene at fedex field. more than 2,000 fans saw madrid run past d.c. united 3-0. fun to watch. >> congress may be off for the rest of the month but not everybody is on vacation. how some people are working overtime on health care reform. >> no summer vacation for health care lobbyists. the chairman of the senate finance economy is still working on his version of health care reform with lobbyists lining up before 7:30 to try to catch his staff. the chairman is getting requests for 30 to 40 meetings a week. interns are taking some of the appointments and the office has
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>> so the heat continues. >> still a couple more hours of the heat advisor. we're tracking thunderstorms. the first area of the mountains kind of weakening a bit. it's not impossible later tonight some of those could affect your viewing area. one more hot and humid day tomorrow. behind the cold front, cooler ay, b or wednesday,
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thursday, into the weekend. >> something to look forward to. >> you can look forward to "world news" coming up next. for all event,
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